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...as of July 02 2015 22:11:00 (SVN revision 1431034)

  1. Checking for well-formed XML... okay!
  2. Checking for proper DOCTYPE declaration... okay!
  3. Scanning for multiple root elements... okay!
  4. Looking for proper translator markers... OOPS! 1 issue found!
    The markup does not seem to use the &underFDL; entity. This is required for all KDE documentation files in order to include the Free Documentation License text.

    People who spent time on translating your document should be given credit appropriately. To do this, you need to specify two special comments in your markup:

    This special comment must appear exactly once in your markup; you should put it at the end of your <authorgroup> element.

    There must only be one DocBook file in the directory which has this marker. It needs to be placed at the end of your document, right before the &underFDL; entity.

  5. Verifying that preferred words of phrases were used... okay!
  6. Testing for applicable entities... okay!
  7. Checking for invalid image references... okay!